The Personal Care Assistant position provides quality care to members; implements specific procedures and activities; coordinates work within the department, as well as with other departments; reports pertinent information to the immediate supervisor; responds to inquiries or requests for information; and assists the immediate supervisor with tasks to support department operations.

Essential Functions

  1. Provides quality personal care to residents in an environment that promotes their rights, dignity, freedom of choice and individuality as illustrated by the following:
    1. Attends to the individual needs of members, which may include assistance with grooming, bathing, oral hygiene, feeding, incontinent care, toileting, colostomy care, prosthetic appliances, transferring, ambulation, range of motion, communicating or other needs in keeping with the individuals’ care requirements.
    2. Fully understands all aspects of members’ rights, including the right to be free of abuse. Is responsible for promptly reporting to the charge nurse or administrative staff incidents or evidence of member abuse or violation of members’ rights.
    3. Observes members for changes in condition or behavior and promptly reports these changes to appropriate licensed nursing personnel.
    4. Communicates and interacts effectively and tactfully with the members, visitors, families, peers and supervisors.
    5. Performs all job responsibilities in accordance with prescribed safety and infection control procedures.
    6. Assist with serving meals (setup, cleanup), snack count and recording attendance.
    7. Lead activities to help implement person centered care (field trips, flowers).
    8. Responds to inquiries relating to his or her particular area or to requests from members, visitors and other personnel within given time frames and established policy.
    9. Communicates with the center nurse and families on updates and need for medication refills, adverse reactions, and refusals.

This position will be required to obtain a Certified Nursing Assistant certification within 6 to 12 months of employment with reimbursement from JABA.